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Reversal of Roles

It's funny to think back on how I used to view things when I was younger. I have always wanted …

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Filling the Void

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. May this post serve as a reminder for myself, and only then to others.


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May this post serve as a reminder for myself, and only then to others.


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Sandwiched by Jannah


Bismillahhirrahmanirrahim… a reminder made especially for me, and only then, to others.



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A Call to Look Back



Imagine, there’s an awesomely cool jet plane in front of you. Ever…

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Getting Closer to Quran


Indeed, all praise is due to Allah, and as such we should thank Him.


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Shake Required


Often times fellow Muslims are stuck in tight corners thinking, "What should i do?! It's obvious…

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Don't Show Off

In Arabic it is called Riyaa. the origin of the root word (ra'aa) translates as

  1. to see
  2. to behold
  3. t…

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Tips to achieve khusyuk in prayers (salah)


Below are several tips from a book that I read few months ago, ‘Formula Solat Sempurna’ by Ustaz…

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Hearts in the hand of another heart, and in God’s hand are all hearts
An eye takes care of another…

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Burn a-What?-day? - something, to be emulated



iERA Responds to “Burn a Koran Day” by Distributing Thousands of Qur’ans


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Prayers for our Parents

Volume 8, Book 73, Number 1:

 Narrated Al-Walid bin 'Aizar:

 I heard Abi Amr 'Ash-Shaibani saying…

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Asmaul Ramadhan



  • Syahrul Tarbiyyah
  • Syahrul Quran
  • Syahrul Maghrifah (keampunan)
  • Syahrul Tadhiyyah (pengo…

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"Way to Go Media"

well, The Media is pretty much important to us.. especially for a community that loves to be 'infor…

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Yaumiddin: The Day of the Deen

The Day of Judgement

Also called by other names. but this post will focus on one.. 'Yaumiddin', tra…

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Daily Phrases in Islam




yeah i bet some of you know these stuffs like the back of your hands d... but hey, why not …

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Why the Jews are so smart



translated for ur reading pleasure... huhu.. not by me though...
yeah i noe its like extremely …

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February the 14th

the history of Valentine's Day

a day on which lovers traditionally exchange affectionate message…

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Clouds.. Modern Science and the Quran



lol.. i know it’s a bit lame putting science facts in my site, but can’t help it... because r…

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