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Often times fellow Muslims are stuck in tight corners thinking, "What should i do?! It's obviously wrong, but what will they think of me if i refuse.."

yeah, we have all been there, well unless your too carefree.

A classic example would be the 'handshake'. Muslims of different genders (unless permitted by: marriage or blood ties)  are strictly forbidden to have physical contact. Being Malaysian doesn't make this much easier. Multicultural/religion country and all - which is great frankly speaking.

"It is better for one of you to be pricked in the head with an iron pick than to touch a woman whom it is unlawful to touch."

(Al Mondhari says, - It (this hadith) is reported by al-Tabarani and al-Bayhaqi, and al-Tabarani's transmitters are authentic and sound)


so the point is, yeah, when we're stuck in such situation, it is best that we try to find a solution which will not only make yourself look good, but your beliefs as well. 

in the case of the handshake,



The What-you-can-do List

  1. well, refuse to shake, then offer you explanation so that you won't end up being misunderstood, or worse having your beliefs misunderstood. (and yeah, this could also be a wonderful opportunity for da'wah)
  2.  This is my personal favourite, first, keep your hands to yourself (don't initiate the handshake gesture first) be polite, greet the person politely. If the fella offers his/her hand, simply put your palm over your heart and say "pleased to meet you" - or anything else along those lines. 


seriously i think step 2 is very sweet, lol. You could pass as a flight attendant and the best of all, you could pass as righteous Muslim... Insyaallah.



ideas by:http://www.workingmuslim.com/articles-blog

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