Getting Closer to Quran


Indeed, all praise is due to Allah, and as such we should thank Him.

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything, mainly because I was too preoccupied with worldly matters (sigh). It’s not until recently that I’ve realized that I was too caught up with things around me that I seem to have strayed away from our main purpose in life. And if there’s one thing I’ve learnt throughout my years as a student, it is that you can never spend too much time for Allah’s cause till it can affect your studies. In fact, based on experience, it kinda goes the other way around.


So, since I’ve been having problems with finding time to read the Quran nowadays, I suppose this post should help serve as a good reminder for me especially, and to others as well.


Interacting with the Quran (the general know-how to get close with Quran)


To know that the Quran is for us.

Yeah we all know that the Quran is for ‘us’, but taking it a step further by understanding that the Quran is meant for us, INDIVIDUALLY would do great wonders. We should read them as though those words were meant for us, you and me, directly. In the days of the Prophet, the revelation received correlates with the Sahabah’s current situation at that time. In other words, they were at the receiving end of the revelation. It answers them. Which shows pretty much why the iman of the Sahabah were rock solid; they knew that the Quran were directed to them. Ergo, we should do the same.

Understanding the language

There are some words in the Malay language that can’t be directly translated to English. Most probably because they just don’t have a word for it; or maybe, it doesn’t fully explain the meaning of the word itself. The same goes for the Arabic text, reading a mere translation of the Quran, is never sufficient. So the best thing we can do is to understand the language itself. Slowly, but surely, one day we’ll get a hang of it. Other than that, get a Tafsir, works better than a translation I suppose.

It’s meant for the heart, not mind

The Quran is not a science book; it’s a book of signs. When you view things logically, you’re pretty much using your brain. But when you direct it to your heart, the impact is a lot more lasting. If the Quran were a book of science, the best of Muslim brothers (to be made as an example), the Sahabah, would have end up being scientists. But they weren’t. they did da’wah. So clearly, read it with heart guys.


The History

The Quran was revealed slowly part by part to correlate with the situation of what was happening at that time. What better way to understand the Quran, other than knowing the actual situation that was happening during the time of its revelation. A little light reading on the background of the verses in the Quran could clear those fogs in the translation.

To understand what we really need to be.

Why is it that when we read the Quran, it is rather hard to pour our heart into it? The Quran is for all, but, it is meant for a certain group of people (if you catch my drift). And this group would be able, above all, to understand the stories, the hardships, the messages, et cetera told in the Quran. Because, to some extent, they have experienced the difficulties of the Prophet and the Sahabah. They are those who do da’wah. Those who do da’wah would be able to relate his/her experience to the Quran. Which is great, as now, you’ll be able to really interact with the Quran

So insyaallah, let this be a reminder for me and for all, and so that we could all improve ourselves, and get closer to Quran.

Wallahualam. For He knows best.


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