"Way to Go Media"

well, The Media is pretty much important to us.. especially for a community that loves to be 'informed' or 'educated' to some extend.. or in other words, "globalized"

little do we know, the media is a rather sinister tool..

a tool that indoctrinates you with a way of thinking that puts you in a cell, a prison of which you can't see, puts you behind bars of which you cannot feel, filling your nostrils with stench you cannot smell...

a prison of  'freedom'.. 

 Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: 
"Ad-Dunyaa sijnul mu-min wa jannatul kaafir." 

This material world is a prison to the believers and a paradise to the disbelievers

but of course, the prison the believers are in, are different to the apparent Jannah for the disbelievers...


those who have allowed the minds to be infiltrated and brainwashed are controlled by the media... the media on the other hand are controlled by another more supreme influence... thus, one becomes a just another pawn to serve for a bigger cause.


For instance, when we talk about Al-Aqsa, what images are being portrayed in the news...?



my dear brothers and sisters, this isn't the Al-Aqsa.. this is the 'Dome of the Rock'



you see how they played you... most don't even know the real Al-Aqsa up to now..

Why so significant?

because it serves the propaganda of which when the real Al-Aqsa is demolished, the fooled/ignorant/indoctrinated global community wouldn't even realize about it.. thus none would care...


this is only 1 of surely many lies implanted into our ways of  thinking.. Ergo, be vigilant of the lies that revolves around you...


even the ProphetMuhammad (SAW) have said that this dunya that we live in is filled with lots of fitnah..

dunya, the root word in Arabic comes from the expression 'reach out for grapes you can never grasp..'

in a narration of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW); if a son of Adam owns a mountain a gold, he would only want another one.

meaning if one seeks dunya, it will always eludes you, thirst you by the second, hunger for more every time one is gained.. it never ends.. you'll never catch it...


THUS, do not gratify yourself with worldly pleasures... FREE your MIND... FREE your SOUL.. ^_^

ps: lets fill the world with love to the best of our abilities...


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